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Sarah  Linyao Feng

Composer/Sound Designer/Orchestrator for Multimedia 

Sarah is a versatile composer for multimedia. Rooted in her classical piano background, her music is a captivating fusion of classical influences and a deep love for jazz and orchestral genres. With a solid technical foundation and a style that draws inspiration from her Chinese heritage, Sarah aims to paint each story a unique color with her own voice. 

Her collaborations with filmmakers, animators, and game developers from esteemed institutions such as Tisch, SVA, and FIT have showcased her music in various festivals, such as the NYU First Run Festival and Fusion Film Festival. Sarah has also received an "Honorable Mention" in the RecChange Scoring Competition. 

​In addition to her passion for composing, Sarah has also worked as a sample library producer, lending her expertise to record and produce traditional Chinese instruments like Erhu and Guzheng. She has also taken on key roles as the lead sound designer and music supervisor for the annual GALA show at Lincoln Center, hosted by NYU CSSA.

Currently based in New York, she is pursuing her Bachelor Degree in Screen Scoring at New York University. 

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