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Sarah is a versatile composer and sound designer for multimedia. She is an extremely responsible and joyful person where she demonstrate her proactivity when managing multiple deadlines in collaborative environments. Her work has involved numerous collaborations, and her music has been featured in various festivals, including the Fusion Film Festival and NYU First Run Festival. She has also received an "Honorable Mention" in the RecChange Scoring Competition. 


Manhattan, NY

Skill Sets

Music Production & Audio Implementation

  • Expert in Logic Pro X/Proficient in Cubase

  • Expert in Protools 

  • Expert in Sibelius/Proficient in Dorico

  • Expert in Wwise & Unity

Music Preparation & Recording

  • Expert in Recording Session Prep (remote or in-person)

  • Expert in Score Prep

  • Expert in Orchestration and Arranging (Orchestra or Jazz)

  • Expert in Overdubbing for ADR and Vocal

  • Expert in Recording, Editing, and Mixing for Foley and Sound Design

Software & Programming

  • Expert in Q Lab & Cue DB 

  • Proficient in KSP Language

  • Proficient in Sample Library Production

  • Proficient in ViennaEnsemblePro 

  • Experience with C# & Python


  • Expert in Google Suite

  • Expert in Microsoft Office Suite


  • MUSE One on One Mentorship Program - Mentee

  • Play NYC - Volunteer

  • A & R Director for Music Industry China

  • Composer at EigenTunes 

  • NYU Musical Mentors Collaborative - Piano Instructor


  • Fluent in English/Mandarin 

  • Proficient in Italian/Japanese


  • B.M. in Screen Scoring, New York University, 2019 - 2024

Audio Engineer 

Baboon Animation, 10/2023 - Present, Brooklyn, NY

  • Selecting, editing, syncing, and mixing audio for multiple international series in the thick of production

  • Assisted in recording sessions for voice actors and foley artists

Workshop Tutor (Film/TV/VG/ADV)

NYU Screen Scoring Summer Workshop, 05/2023 - 07/2023, Manhattan, NY

  • Operated Logic and ProTools Sessions for Student Critiques by professional composers 

  • Conducted one-on-one virtual orchestration sessions, including sample library production mastering, Logic/ProTools troubleshooting, and more 

  • Prepared scores for recording sessions, successfully printing and taping 100+ scores in both chamber and orchestral genres Built ProTools sessions, exporting stems from Logic and Cubase, and organizing them to create ProTools sessions for recording sessions

  • Audio implementation using Wwise, successfully integrating the generated soundtracks into Wwise game projects

Music Supervisor & Lead Sound Designer

NYU CSSA Spring GALA, 11/2022 - 04/2023, Lincoln Center, NY

  • Supervised the sound production team, including setting up and configuring audio equipments, managing real-time adjustments by using Q Lab during events to maintain optimal sound quality 

  • Edited, remixed, and rearranged pieces in different genres through using Logic and ProTools, including hit songs on billboard, as well K-pop,  J-pop, and C-pop songs

  • Organized weekly rehearsal and collaborated with event production staff to coordinate setup, technical requirements, and music licensing

Sample Library Producer & Recording Engineer

Three-Body Technology.Co, 01/2021 - 06/2021, Beijing, China

  • Made VST Chinese instruments (main DAW using are Cubase/Kontakt/ProTools) - Erhu and Guzheng, and participated in the entire process of sample library production, from recording, editing, design, to tuning and testing (mainly using KSP Language) 

  • Wrote more than 100 pages of instruction manual in both English and Mandarin for 5 instrument libraries 

  • Optimized products through communication with foreign cooperative companies, collecting user product experience, and proposing revisions 

  • Composed music for demonstration videos and loops by using the originally-produced VST instruments and plugins, the video playback volume on Bilibili (Chinese Youtube) reaches to 3000+

Professional Experience

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